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How to hold a garage sale

This time of year is great for de-cluttering. Why not hold a garage sale and make a few extra dollars out of your unwanted goods? With these tips from you're sure to turn a profit.

Sale this way!

Plan ahead

Set aside a weekend for a clean-out. Go throughyour cupboards – even your husband's shed! Take cuttings from plants and re-pot them to sell. People love bargain plants.

Sign up

Get large cardboard boxes from the supermarket, cut them up and paint colourful, easy-to-read signs. Include the date, time and address of your garage sale. Put them around your neighbourhood early in the day (but don't forget to remove them afterwards!).

Stick it to 'em

Make pricing easy by having a sticker board. Blue sticker items can be $1, green $2, etc. People know how much items are, and it saves you writing prices on everything.

Looking good

Grouping items in a logical way makes it appealing for people to browse. Also, clothes look nicer on hangers, hung on a rail.

All change!

Have a float of money with all denominations of change. Be prepared if people hand you large bills to pay for things worth only a couple of dollars.

It's a wrap

Have newspaper to wrap up breakables, and plastic bags or boxes for people to pack their items. They're more likely to buy it if they can easily carry it.

Deal or no deal

Be wary – second-hand dealers may get there early and try to buy the good stuff at very low prices. Don't give things away too cheaply at this early stage. Towards the end of the garage sale, it's a different matter!

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