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Small tips, big savings

It's the little things that help make saving money a breeze. Busy mums can take advantage of our easy tips.

Over the years I've learnt thousands of tips and saving has now become second nature. I save money every day without even realising it.

What about you? What little things do you do that you don't notice, but make a big difference to your living costs? Here are some of the things I do automatically.

  • Use email rather than snail mail or telephone calls.
  • Use half the recommended amount of dishwashing and washing powder. It gives exactly the same results and lasts twice as long.
  • Wash clothes in cold water.
  • Always borrow books, CDs and DVDs from the library instead of buying them.
  • Switch appliances off at the power point when they're not in use and turn lights off whenever possible.
  • Use a SodaStream instead of buying fizzy drinks.
  • Dry washing on the line, not in the clothes dryer.
  • Cook everything from scratch.
  • Use a yoghurt maker instead of buying yoghurt.
  • Use up leftovers rather than throwing them out.
  • Always re-use plastic bags.
  • Always take water bottles from home when going out to save buying drinks.
  • Keep chilled water in the fridge rather than buying expensive bottled water.
  • Mix expensive cereal 50/50 with a cheap one to make it last a lot longer.
  • Bake lunch-box snacks instead of buying them (you can make yummy muffins for under 20c each).muffins
  • Bake my own bread in a bread machine.
  • Keep shampoo and conditioner in re-useable pump bottles (it lasts so much longer).
  • Walk wherever possible instead of driving the car.
  • Use re-usable plastic sandwich containers to avoid using disposable lunch wrap.
  • Make 'takeaways' instead of buying. So much yummier and healthier too.
  • Menu plan each week so I only buy the food I need.
  • Put any spare coins into a coin jar and take it to the bank when it's full.
  • And of course... squash the toilet roll before putting it on the holder. You'd be amazed how much longer it lasts!

Our budget advice shows you how to save cash, erase debt and transform your life forever. Tips and advice from

Do you have any easy tips on how to save? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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