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Waste not, want not

We throw out so much that could be used in some capacity. Read these tips on how you can save more by not throwing it all away.

We throw out so much food that could be used in some capacity or frozen and eaten at a later date (Google 'Freezing and food safety' for foods suitable for freezing and optimum freezing times).

Once you start thinking outside the square, there are plenty of ways you can prevent food ending in the bin! Here are some great suggestions.

Pour cold water on snacking

A drink dispenser full of water is saving Leigh $30 per week in groceries. She noticed that her children would always grab a snack from the fridge when all they were looking for was a drink. So Leigh decided to separate the drink from the food. She filled up a five-litre drink container with cold water and large ice cubes which she made using plastic cups. Now the kids go straight to the dispenser instead of the fridge.

Freeze excess lemons

Irene juices all her surplus lemons and pours the juice into plastic cups in portions equivalent to the amount needed to make a hot drink for coughs and colds. Once frozen, she tips out each portion into a bag and keeps them in the freezer. At the first sign of a cough or cold, she takes one out of the freezer and adds hot water and honey for an instant throat-soother.

A spoonful of syrup

Marina used to feel bad that every year she had to throw out piles of fruit that just wouldn't ripen on her fruit trees. However she now saves a huge amount of wastage by utilising a delicious Greek recipe. It's so easy - all you need are a few spices, sugar, water and your unripe fruit. Just search for 'Greek spoon sweets' online and you'll find many fruit recipes from figs, apples and quinces to watermelon and orange peel. They are called 'spoon sweets' because they are so sweet that you only need a spoonful, so they go a long way. They're especially delicious over a bowl of ice-cream and make a wonderful exotic gift as well.

Cereal savings

Andy saves the crumbs from the bottom of the Weetbix box in a jar for baking. He substitutes one handful of crumbs for one whole Weetbix. It works a treat and nothing is wasted!

For more budget food tricks read Darlene's tips on saving in the kitchen

Our budget advice shows you how to save cash, erase debt and transform your life forever. Tips and advice from

How do save around the house? Have you teach your kids to save? Share your ideas and tips with readers by leaving your comments below.

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