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Pressies for your pet

There's no need for your furry four-legged friends to be left out of the Christmas fun - surprise them with this jacket and mat!

You will need:

  • 1.5m printed cotton fabric (we used retro Christmas animals, but you can use whatever you like)
  • 1.5m red homespun
  • pins
  • Gutermann 100% cotton thread – red
  • tape measure
  • scissors
  • 2.5m x 122cm wide polyester wadding
  • hand sewing needle & contrasting thread
  • sewing machine with walking foot* (and optional – quilting guide)
  • large sheet of paper for pattern
  • 15cm x 25mm hook & loop tape in colour to match fabric

*Use a walking foot to make sewing through layers easier

Cotton fabric is great for warmer months, but other fabrics such as denim, cotton, polar fleece, corduroy, chenille, wool, wool blends, etc, can also be used. Polyester wadding can be replaced with cotton, wool or a blend.


Dog Mat

  1. Cut one 80cm square of printed cotton fabric and one 80cm square of homespun. With right sides together, pin homespun square to fabric square. Sew together using a 1cm seam allowance, leaving 60cm open in centre of bottom edge.
  2. Clip corners and turn right side out. Cut wadding into 3 x 80cm squares. Place wadding squares into the cover and hand sew opening closed.
  3. To hold wadding in place, temporarily hand sew through centre from side to side and top to bottom using a large running stitch in contrasting thread.
  4. Place walking foot on sewing machine and topstitch along all sides 4mm from edge. Measure and set quilting guide or pin 5cm in from all edges and topstitch through all layers. To create a second border, measure 8cm in from previous row of stitching and topstitch.

TOP tip: For a thicker mat, add extra layers of wadding.


  1. To create a pattern, you need four basic measurements. Measure the dog from its collar along the back to just above the tail (A). Measure from top of back down the side for the length you want the coat to be (B). Measure from the top back down the side and around the chest to the centre just behind the front legs then add 7-8cm for the overlap of the straps (C). Finally measure from the back of the neck, around across to the centre front of the dog and add 7-8cm for the overlap of the straps (D). See diagram 1.
  2. Use paper to create a pattern as shown in diagram 2, based on your measurements from step 1.
  3. Place the long straight edge of the pattern on the fold of printed fabric and cut out one coat.Note: If the fabric has a directional pattern place the neck edge to the top so the design runs down towards the tail. Repeat cutting out one piece in the homespun for lining.
  4. Pin the printed top and the homespun lining right sides together. Start at the bottom edge 4cm from the centre of coat and sew around the outer edge using a 6mm seam allowance. Finish 8cm from the start. Clip around the curves, turn right side out and press. Slip stitch opening closed and press.
  5. Topstitch around 3mm in from the edge.
  6. Cut one piece each of hook and loop tape 7cm long for the body strap and one piece of each 6cm long for the neck closure. Pin the hook (hard) piece on the top (print fabric) of the bottom straps and the loop (soft) piece on the underneath side (lining) of the top straps and sew in place. This way if the straps need to be adjusted the hook side will not be against your pet's skin.

patternDog Coat

TOP tip: To make a raincoat, use waterproof vinyl fabric.

Products featured are available at Spotlight Stores nationally. Some products may vary in colour and range from examples shown, Visit for store locations or call 1300305405.

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