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Million Paws Walk 2012 Entrants

Check out some of the entries we've had in our Million Paws Walk competition!

Check out the entrants so far in our Million Paws Walk competition! Who's your favourite? (Click on pictures to view them in full)

Amy and Cherry
Amy Chi's energetic pup, Cherry

The absolutely fabulous Cocoa

The Derby Dolls
The Derby Dolls and their pooches

Edensor Park Girl Guides
The Edensor Park Girl Guides and Murphy.

Felicia and Nitro
Felicia and her pal Nitro

Joshua, Anneliese and Zoey
Joshua and Anneliese with the beautiful Zoey.

Kaysea and Roxy
Kaysea with her best friend Roxy

Kiarna and her dog
Kiarna with her adorable little pup

Matthew and Sweep
The steamy Matthew and Sweep

Nicole and Aksel
Nicole and Aksel in his Headless Horseman outfit.

Sarah and Charlie

Sarah with her little buddy Charlie

Sarah and Roxy
Sarah and Roxy the amazing tree dog.

Townsville Outdoor Agility Dog Sports Team
The Townsbille Outdoor Agility Dog
Sports Team

Wendy and Butters
Wendy and Butters the Wolf

Winston Jethro and Vanessa
Winston and Jethro with their mum Vanessa

Aredi with her black beauty

Ashlee and her best friend are all smiles

Cheri Ann and Tyson
Cheri-Anne and Tyson

Club K9 Tas
Club K9 Tas

Greyhound adoption program
The rehomed and retired greyhounds of the Greyhound Adoption Program

Kirsten Wallace
Kirsten Wallace's daughter and pup

Michaela, Tessa, Toby and Akira
Michaela, Tessa, Toby and Akira

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