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The call that made me quit

Annamaree's dad had some news that changed her life

I feel so much better since I quit
Annamaree Menzies, 47, Marcus Beach, Qld

Picking up the phone, I lit a cigarette. I was always calling my dad, Denzil, for chats, and enjoying a smoke was part of that tradition. I inhaled, waiting for Dad to pick up. I was worried about him. He'd been to the doctor about a stomach problem and now the test results were in. When Dad answered, I could tell it wasn't good news. 'I've got cancer,' he admitted. He'd been given six months to live.

Devastation tore through me. How could I face losing Dad? After hanging up, I turned to the one thing I knew would comfort me - another cigarette. As I gulped down the smoke, I suddenly felt sick. Dad had just been told he had cancer, yet I was clinging to a habit that could lead me to the same fate.Dad had been a smoker for over 20 years. He'd given up when I was little, but maybe, if he'd never smoked, he might still be healthy. It was at that moment I knew I had to quit.

Dad inspired me to give up smoking
Taking a deep breath, I stubbed out my cigarette for the last time. Giving up would be tough. I'd started smoking at 15 and now I was smoking over 30 a day. I'd tried to quit before, but something always got in the way. Dad's illness was a wake-up call. I couldn't let my daughters, Georgie, 23, Chelsea, 20, and Brier, 15, feel the grief I felt.

I had to retrain myself in every single aspect of my life. I couldn't light up when I made a phone call or when I was feeling stressed. Whenever I felt the urge, I just thought about Dad. Within weeks, I started feeling the benefits. My skin was clearer and I began to look younger.Though the smell of nicotine was sometimes intoxicating, my grief about Dad kept me going.Sadly, Dad passed away months later. My heart broke as I said goodbye, but I was grateful too. Dad inspired me to live a better life.

Now, every day without a cigarette is one more to spend with my family. I have Dad to thank for that.

Help is at hand if you want to stop smoking too. For tips and support visit, call the Quitline for advice on 13 78 48, or visit The site has a savings calculator so you can track how much you've saved per week, month and year by giving up smoking.

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