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Simple steps to body beauty

Take our simple four-step solution to a silky smooth body.

STEP 1 A simple scrub

Exfoliating helps remove dead skin cells. New skin cells are created in the dermis (lower layer of skin) and as they travel to the surface they slowly die. As we age this process becomes uneven, making skin appear dry, patchy and rough. Use a loofah or brush and a gentle exfoiliant, making slow, circular movements. Pat skin dry and apply a moisturiser.

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STEP 2 Silky smooth

Whether you shave or wax, getting rid of fuzz is simple. Preparation is the key. Shaving with an oil or silicone-based product won't dry out the skin. Use a new, sharp blade. It's a good idea to warm it under hot water first to give it some flexibility. Exfoliate before you wax or shave to reduce the dead skin cells clogging the follicles and causing ingrown hairs. Waxing keeps skin looking smooth for longer, as hair is pulled out by the root so it grows back finer.

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STEP 3 Tress success

Dry, damaged hair can be caused by exposure to sun, heating products and a poor diet. Try these tips for lovely locks.

  • Avoid washing your hair every day. The natural oils help maintain healthy hair. Instead, wash every second or third day. If hair is oily, try a dry shampoo every other day.
  • Towel dry your hair instead of blow-drying.
  • Use a wide-tooth comb on wet hair to reduce breakage.
  • Leave-in conditioners or treatments used at least once a week keep locks lush.
  • Protein and iron promote healthy hair, so eat plenty of salmon, green vegetables, beans and nuts.

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STEP 4 Treat your feet and hands

Feet and hands can be the first to show signs of age, so give yourself a manicure and pedicure every few weeks. Begin by soaking feet in warm water for a few minutes, then slough off dead skin with a pumice stone. Finish with a revitalising foot cream. For lovely hands, use a hand cream regularly and reapply after washing. Keep nails short or just above your fingertips to reduce the chance of breakage. File regularly, moving across the nail in one direction - never back and forth!

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For youthful, radiant skin make sure you always wear sunscreen - rain or shine!

What are your simple steps for keeping your skin smooth and soft? Leave your beauty tip for others by commenting here.

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